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Top 5 Tips For Healthy Feet! National Foot Health Awareness Month

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month so it’s the perfect time to give your tootsies a little extra TLC. Diabetics are taught early on how important it is to take good care of their feet.  Many of us specialize in ignoring our feet, unless they hurt so bad we can’t ignore the pain anymore. Remember, constant, daily foot pain is not normal. Don’t get used to foot pain. Contact a podiatrist and find out what is causing your foot pain.

During National Foot Health Awareness Month, I’m sharing my top five tips to maintain healthy feet!

  • Inspect your feet daily. Do you have sores or spots on your feet? If yes, how long have you had them? Are the sores healing? If no, contact a podiatrist right away. Sores that don’t heal or spots on your feet can be an indication of a serious foot problem.
  • Wash your feet everyday. Our feet have more sweat glands than any other part of our body. Those 250,000 sweat glands can produce a half a pint of perspiration each day. And the odor, ugh! Washing our feet reduces foot odor, removes dirt and grime and helps refresh feet through the slight massaging action. And yes, it leaves feet feeling fresh.
  • Don’t wear shoes that hurt your feet. This seems like a no brainer but alas, it needs to be said. Ladies who insist on wearing a pair of shoes that hurt their feet because they match their outfit, please reconsider. Guys, if your work shoes hurt your feet, consider getting a new pair. Wearing shoes that hurt your feet can damage your feet irreparably and cause you years of foot pain. Spare yourself the agony and wear shoes that don’t hurt.
  • Alternate the shoes you wear each day. Wearing different shoes each day is good for your feet. If you alternate the shoes you wear as little as every other day, you’re helping the different muscles in your feet to work. This is a mild exercise for your feet and they enjoy the challenge.
  • Massage your feet. Massaging your feet is one of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself. You can massage your own feet, coerce a loved one or get a foot massage with your pedicure. How ever you can get a foot massage, get it! I love foot massages so much, I learned how to massage my own feet. This way, I don’t have to wait two weeks, between my pedi, for my foot massages, I can have one everyday! You can even squeeze in a couple of foot exercises!

Celebrate National Foot Health Awareness Month by ensuring your feet are healthy. Take good care of your tootsies, they have to last you a lifetime! Ciao!

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