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Welcome, Let’s Keep Talking About Good Foot Care!



Hi, I’m Carolyn D. Jenkins, the founder and CEO of CjQenterprises. I’m a Foot & Shoe Consultant, author of the award winning books, and founder of National I LOVE My Feet Day!, which is celebrated annually on August 17.   I bring a lot of smiles and chuckles to people’s faces when they first learn about I LOVE My Feet Day! Having a special day to celebrate feet sounds pretty funny until you begin to think about how important our feet are to our everyday lives.  Our feet are our primary mode of transportation. They support our body weight each day and everything else we elect to carry, such as backpacks, groceries,  other people of various sizes, and everything else imaginable. Faithfully, everyday, our feet quietly accommodate our wishes, until they’re injured.

75% of all adults have a foot problem. Most foot problems come from wearing improper footwear. Poor foot choices for children can create a lifetime of misery. Visitors to I LOVE My Feet DayS! will learn and share good foot care tips, foot wear guidance, foot care and product information, insight from professionals and lots more wisdom to help us celebrate our feet and keep them healthy.  The annual celebration of I LOVE My Feet Day! helped start the conversation about the importance of good foot care. The theme for 2015 is Good Feet, Great Feats! which means,  healthy feet can help us accomplish amazing physical feats. The opposite is true as well; when our feet hurt, everything hurts.

I believe our feet tell a story about our lives and I wrote My Feet: An Ode, which I published in May 2015.  My Feet: An Ode  inspired National I LOVE My Feet Day and ignited what is becoming the Good Foot Care movement.  The ‘footprints’ our feet leave on our life story is much sweeter and a lot  more comfortable when we practice good foot care. I LOVE My Feet DayS! continues the conversation about good foot care by reminding us we should practice good foot care 365 days a year.  We don’t have to be part of the 75% that has a foot problem and we can feel good doing it. Let’s get started today!
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