WDD  The International Diabetes Foundation estimates nearly 600 million people will have diabetes by 2035. World Diabetes Day is Nov. 14. Go to idf.org and learn what you can do.


Diabetes Warning Signs

Insulin is a hormone we all have in our bodies that helps process the food and sugar we ingest. Type 2 diabetes occurs when our bodies become resistant to our insulin and doesn’t process it properly.

How do you feel?
Are you unusually tired?
Does your mouth feel dry or are you unusually thirsty?
Is you vision blurry?
Are you hungry more often than usual?
Are you going to the bathroom A LOT?
These are just a few of the early signs of diabetes. These are all mild signs but if you have most of these signs you should get your blood sugar checked. Diabetes is a very serious illness that affects the entire body, especially our feet because it can damage the nerves in our legs and feet.  As importantly, according to WebMD, nearly 3 out of 10 people have diabetes and don’t know it. Take a minute and scan the room. Count out 10 people. 3 of them have diabetes and don’t know it.

Click the links below and learn more about the warning signs for diabetes. Also, ask to have your blood sugar checked the next time you go to the doctor.