arch Beware of Fallen Arches

Fallen Arches or Flatfeet can begin in early childhood and haunt us forever.  Fallen Arches can also begin in adulthood and make you hate walking, anywhere. Although babies are not born with a normal arch, children normally develop one by the time before they become teens. A normal arch at the bottom of our feet will reflect a slight curve. If that curve is missing, or the inner  heels of your shoes on the big toe side are worn down, these could be telltale signs of Fallen Arches.  There are also varying degrees of Fallen Arches so getting a professional diagnosis is very important. Treatment options from Fallen Arches can be very simple and vary greatly. Investing in shoes with good arch support may resolve the problem or  buying shoe inserts can help. Specific foot exercises have helped many people.  The links below have good insight but remember, if your feet feel achy and tired all the time, seek medical help so they can begin feeling better.

Fallen Arches