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Arrest Stinky Feet with Tea, Salt, Vinegar and More

Are you embarrassed to slide your shoes off under your desk? Do you hold your breath as you pass through the family room because your dad or brothers have their shoes off? Are you still trying to figure out who owns those stinky shoes in the locker room? If you have stinky feet or are subjected to foot odor, we have a few tips you can use right now to arrest it.

First, let’s figure out where foot odor starts. Our feet have more sweat glands than any other part of our body, 250,000. These glands are workaholics, which means they work continuously. They work so hard they can produce a half pint of sweat each day. Bacteria develops and grows in warm damp places. As it feeds on the moisture our sweaty feet produce, foot odor, known as bromodosis, develops.

You can arrest bromodosis with homemade remedies or you can purchase foot care items from the store. Odor fighting foot powder, antibacterial foot cream, and insoles work great. Before you buy these, you probably have several of the ingredients for homemade cures in your home. Just as you may need to do with the store bought items, you’ll want to use your homemade remedies multiple times during the first week or two to get foot odor under control.

The first remedy you want to implement is washing your feet thoroughly. If you’re one of those folks who thinks running shower water over your feet equals washing them, you’re contributing to the problem.  Our feet actually need to be washed, daily. Wash your entire foot, between the toes, top and bottom, scrub off the dead skin, and dry them thoroughly. Now you’re ready to soak them in either, Black tea, Epson salt, sea salt, lavender oil, vinegar or baking soda. (The links below will provide you with recipes for these foot soaks and additional information.) If you have lime or lemon, you can rub that on your feet as well. After your foot soak, make sure you dry your feet thoroughly, again. Now you can rub lotion or oil on them to keep them soft.

If you don’t have time to soak your feet, you can spray your feet with an antiperspirant deodorant,and spray this in your shoes as well. Make sure you don’t re-wear socks or stockings without  washing them first. When you wash your socks, turn them inside out so the inside of your socks can get clean. If your feet sweat a lot, synthetic socks may also be a better option than cotton socks. Cotton socks can trap moisture in, which can cause bacteria to grow.

Getting rid of the odor in your shoes is important. Try not to wear the same shoes every day. Breathable shoes are a better option than plastic shoes. If your shoes are washable, put them in the wash and let them air dry. Putting dryer sheets in the bottom of your shoes will leave them fresh smelling. Setting fresh kitty litter in them overnight will also absorb odor. Sprinkling baking soda, corn starch or baby powder in your shoes can also help stop foot odor. Wearing open toed shoes is also a great option for arresting foot odor.

Some of the foods we eat can contribute to our foot odor so the link below provides information on foods to avoid. If your feet have a persistent foul odor or you have bruises that don’t heal, this is not normal. Make an appointment to see a podiatrist as soon as possible. You don’t have to live with stinky feet anymore. If you’re not the culprit, print this article off and place it discreetly near the perpetrator. It’s time to breathe free again!

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