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Be Sweet to your feet on I LOVE My Feet Day! & every day with arch support

National I LOVE My Feet Day! is here again! It’s the one day in the year everyone should do something sweet for their feet. Our feet are our primary mode of transportation. How many things can we accomplish on a daily basis without our faithful feet?

I LOVE My Feet Day! is just one day out of the year but it serves as a reminder to all of us that our feet are vitally important to our health and we should take good care of them every day. Our foot health parallels our general health. Illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be detected in our feet. Foot Reflexology, which massages pressure points in our feet,  has a long and confirmed history of providing great relief for a variety of physical ailments. Treating your feet to a foot massage or Reflexology is a great way to celebrate  I LOVE My Feet Day!

Another important way you can celebrate I LOVE My Feet Day! is to re-access the shoes you own. Do your shoes provide your feet with good arch support? Is your closet full of cute ‘flats’, sandals and shoes, that you wear faithfully every day? Do you have ‘live’ in flip flops 6 months out of the year? Flats, flip flops, and shoes that don’t provide our ankles and feet arch support, can hurt our bodies. The picture above shows how the body responds when we don’t provide good arch support for our feet. Our feet, ankles, legs and the rest of our body are thrown out of alignment.

With each step we take, we bring each foot and our full body weight down to the ground improperly. As our feet land, there is no cushion under our feet to absorb the shock as our foot ‘lands’.  When this happens day in and day out, for months and years on end, our body responds with warning signs of pain. Some of the ways that pain can manifest is through leg pain, hip pain, and back pain.

Knowing when to wear your flats and flip flops can save you a lot of needless pain. Flats are great to wear short distances or sitting down. Slipping a shoe insert inside your flats will also help provide your feet with more comfort. Flat sandals and flip flops are great for protecting your feet from hot pavement or sand. Flip flops are perfect for wearing in public showers because they protect us from athlete’s foot and fungus that thrive in warm damp showers. If you want to wear flip flops for long periods of time and especially for walking, invest in flip flops that provide arch support.

So on this, I LOVE My Feet Day!, do something sweet for your feet that will last throughout the years. Provide your feet with good arch support. Your tootsies will thank you for it by taking you everywhere you want to go, pain-free. Investing in your feet is an investment you will reap the benefit of every day.

Happy I LOVE My Feet Day! Click on the links below for more information on the importance of arch support. And always remember, take good care of your tootsies, they have to last you a lifetime. Ciao’!


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