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Yikes; it’s a blister!

They can be as small as a pin head and become larger than your fist. Filled with fluid, one small pin head sized blister can make you cry with pain.

I got caught in the rain during an outing wearing my arch support flip flops. On dry ground my flip flops are great. Walking across wet grass, combined with the continued slipping friction, had caused my flip flop to rub against my skin. Feet don’t like friction and when it occurs, pain usually follows. This outing took place the day before a long-planned amusement park vacation. By the time the outing was over, I was limping and wondering how I would be able to wear my sneakers at the amusement park the next day. The blister was on top of my 4th toe, right near the knuckle.

I turned to my foot bible, the American Podiatric Medical Association, APMA, and perused the internet for solutions. Some of the sites advised not to burst the blister while others recommended it. The APMA advises not to pop blisters because the blister can become infected.  Using an antiseptic was the consistent recommendation and they warned that once popped, blisters frequently refill. I soaked my foot and pressed as much fluid out of the skin as possible. The blister was noticeably smaller. Within an hour, the blister had refilled with fluid. My blister was normal so I’d be okay.

Before I went to bed, I soaked my foot again, pressed hard on the blister and slathered antiseptic on it. Then I quickly wrapped a bandage tightly around my toe. I theorized if my toe skin didn’t have room to refill with fluid, the blister couldn’t return.  The next day, I was relieved to find the blister was smaller. I repeated my routine from the previous night and quickly slid my sneakers on. I was off to the park.

I was very fortunate because my blister was on top of my toe and it was tiny. When blisters are on the bottom of your feet, walking can become unbearable. Soaking your feet can help draw the fluid out and provide much-needed relief. If you suffer from blisters, or you know someone who does, click on the links below. You can get tips and more relief from blisters. These little rascals are painful and annoying, but they can be conquered. Happy summer!



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