Feet Cal Runner

Who Knew? Exercise for Feet!

We put our feet through so much everyday. When they hit the floor in the morning, we take off. They take us here, there and everywhere faithfully and pretty much without complaint. When we’re in a hurry, we make them move faster. When we add extra weight by carrying worn out kids through the amusement park, they bear the additional weight and thankfully, get us back to the car without complaint. When we exercise, our feet take us through the repetitive steps, jogs, runs, and bounces and we never miss a beat. Then we make our feet do it all over again the next day.  But did you know there are cool exercises you can do just for your feet to help strengthen and revitalize them? Take a look at a few of the exercises below.  Many can be done at work as you sit at your desk . If you stand at work, you may be able to slide off a shoe and flex your feet out of view. Try a few of these and let me know the results. Squeezing foot exercises into our busy schedules is worth the effort and our feet will feel the difference feet right away. Enjoy!  🙂