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April Is National Foot Health Awareness Month

Spring has sprung! Take your shoes off, wiggle your toes, and celebrate National Foot Health Awareness Month. How should you celebrate? Well, if you’ve been putting off that pedicure, schedule your appointment now. Today, you can find women and men getting pedicures. Pedicures, either Do It Yourself pedi’s or salon pedi’s are good foot care practices and April is a great month to get one.

Practicing good foot health is relatively easy if you make it part of your regular fitness regime. Checking our feet each day to ensure there are no sores, cuts or bruises that don’t heal can be done before/ after your workout or at bath/ shower time. Following up on these issues, if they occur, is equally important; don’t ignore them. Frequently, cuts and bruises can come from ill-fitting shoes, dry foot skin, or bumps and scrapes. If you switch shoes, moisturize your feet, or don’t bump or scrape them, and they still don’t heal, consider seeking medical attention. Cuts or bruises can be indicators of more serious health problems. Diabetes sufferers must be especially vigilant and they should seek medical attention immediately because diabetes can kill the nerves in feet.

Another great foot health tip to include in your health regime are foot massages. You can wait for someone to treat you to a foot massage or you can learn to massage your own feet. Foot massages are great stress relievers and an effective relaxation technique. When you learn to massage your own feet, you can treat yourself to this stress relieving, relaxation technique anytime. You can slip your shoes off anywhere, under your desk at work, at home as you watch television or just before bedtime. You will feel a difference immediately.

One of the most important things you can do for your foot health awareness this month is to stop wearing shoes that hurt your feet. Shoes are an investment and sometimes it’s difficult to reconcile that those gorgeous shoes you purchased are really killing your feet. Not every shoe is meant for every foot. Love your feet more than your shoes.

If you find it difficult to say “no” to wearing shoes that hurt your feet, you may need to remove the temptation from your closet. Consider donating your gently worn and new shoes to charity. Our sister organization, the Jenkins Donelson Foundation, collects and distributes gently worn and new shoes to the underserved. Sometimes the best foot health we can provide is a decent pair of shoes to those in need.

We have lot’s of other tips to help improve your foot health this month. Scroll through our articles or check out these popular ones: BYONail Polish & Get the 1st Appt. 

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Take good care of your tootsies, they have to last you a lifetime and Happy Foot Health Awareness Month!

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