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Gout, Ouch!

Painful, intense, excruciating, horrible and unbearable. Your big toe is swollen and hurts. Did you stump it against something? No. Is something wrong with your shoes? No. Did an insect bite you? Nope. The first warning sign many people get when they’re diagnosed with gout is a swollen and painful big toe.

 After the initial painful toe, gout can move to other joints including your feet, knees, fingers, and elbows. Long long ago, gout was considered the ‘kings disease’ because frequently the wealthy suffered with it. Remember King Henry VIII and his gluttonous diet? We don’t have to have a gluttonous diet to suffer from gout but diet frequently plays a role in it.  A gout attack can cause the strongest of men to cry for mercy.

There are various causes of gout. It can flare up due to the excess uric acid that builds-up that our bodies. Our bodies already have uric acid and if we eat a lot of purine-rich foods, shellfish, anchovies, venison, etc., our body may not be able to process the uric acid out fast enough. Gout can also occur from an illness or a foot injury. Gout is a form of arthritis and should be treated right away. Normally, it hurts so bad, people don’t hesitate to seek medical attention.


Most people embrace the diet changes just to get rid of the gout pain. Drinking a lot of water also helps. The bigger problem for many gout sufferers is that alcohol can affect it. One beer can trigger a flare-up. This can be a real dilemma on game nights with the guys.

Fear not; we’ve got some encouraging news for you! Black cherry juice has been known to relieve gout pain. Also, massaging the joints has been known to offer some people relief. Click on the links below for more information on massages, diet, the causes or gout and how to manage it. If you know someone who suffers from this illness, be kind to them, and don’t step on their toes.



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