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Diabetes: 1 in 10 Women WWD2017

The statistics are staggering. There is no easy way to say that when you see 10 women gathered together, chatting and laughing, one of them is living with diabetes. The next statistic is equally surprising; 1 in 7 babies is born with gestational diabetes. How is this happening and what can we do to prevent it? Good questions and yes, we can turn things around.

Our bodies need a hormone called insulin because Insulin helps regulate our blood glucose levels and affects our metabolism.  Type 1 diabetes, which primarily affects children and young adults, occurs when the body does not make insulin. Type 2 diabetes occurs in adults because the body does not have, or has difficulty, processing insulin effectively. The increased amounts of sugar we include in our diets, unhealthy eating habits, and a lack of physical activity also complicate and increase our risks for Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes can kill the nerves in our feet and can destroy the body one limb at a time. It is manageable and many people can live long and happy lives when their diabetes is controlled.  World Diabetes Day, WDD,  is November 14. This year it focuses on women with diabetes. Providing greater numbers of women, especially those in impoverished areas, with greater access to the diabetic supplies they need can make a difference.  Ensuring women can provide better diets for themselves and their children can also make a difference. Studies show that many times, Type 2 diabetes can be prevented when physical and dietary changes are made.

Please click on the links below and get more information on WDD. Read how we can reduce diabetes and it’s complications. Someone you know is living with diabetes. Is it you? 29 million people have diabetes and they don’t even know they have diabetes. Pretty scary, having a chronic illness and not knowing about it. Learn the warning signs and pass this life-saving information to everyone you know. You can make a difference.


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