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BYONailPolish & Get the 1st Appt.


It’s difficult to find anyone who doesn’t love a pedicure.  As your back is treated to a wonderful massage, you can close your eyes, soak your feet in warm water and have someone wash, massage and manicure your tootsies. Aaaahhhhh! That feels so nice but hold it-, what time was your pedicure appointment? After work or at the end of a long day? You may want to re-think that late appointment. If you don’t, you may be exposing your feet to micro-organisms and fungus. Yuck!

And before you have the pedicurist polish your precious tootsies, did you remember to bring your nail polish from home? If you forgot to BYONP, and allow the pedicurist to use their nail polish, you may be exposing your feet to cross contamination that can cause foot infection. Ugh!

Dr. Kathleen Fineco Newport has been practicing podiatry for more than 25 years and she currently practices in North Carolina. She is leading the podiatric field with her use of Telepodiatry and thinks pedicures are, “Fantastic!” During an interview on the Sandy Rodges show, Dr. Newport explained that spas in each state have different laws they adhere to. Some spas are only required to, “put solvent in their baths and run them through the lines only at the end of the night.” This means that if you get your pedicure from one of these spas at 6 PM, your feet will be exposed to all the other feet, and the germs these feet carry, that have used that same pedicure tub. Yikes!

If you live in one of these states, Dr. Newport advises the best way to avoid this is to, “get the first appointment of the day because what you’re putting your feet in will be the cleanest environment that shop will have all day.”

Dr. Newport’s next advice is just as important. “Please, please please bring your own nail polish.” Spas are not held to medical sterilization standards but rather UV sterilization standards. When they dip the nail polish brush from one set of nails to another, that can lead to cross-contamination. Bringing your own nail polish can eliminate this potential problem.

I know, the spas have sooooooo many pretty colors to chose from. It’s very tempting, but you can start your own polish collection at home and keep your feet healthy at the same time. This way you’ll always know where that nail polish brush has been and your feet will love you for it.

Click the link below and listen to Dr. Newport’s interview. Thank you Dr. Newport!



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